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BANGSAR// Bangsar The icon Bangsar aspires to be a significant and Iconic Development, the new gateway for Jalan Bangsar. People will come to recognize this leisure destination for its signature, as the new “In” place of Bangsar. The icon Bangsar aims to achieve the vitality that will make the most desirable for work, living and play. The Greenery Landscape This part of the podium will be considered as the passive zone for the podium development. The serenity of the forest type concept of landscape will give passive patches where people can use as places for meditation, reading, yoga and other serene activities. While enjoying the quietness of this area, podium users will have a nice view of the waterscape beyond the two towers that separate both the landscape features. It’s like inviting them to go to another kind of activity while it is just a couple of steps away. THE TWO VIEW CONCEPT Podium deck users have the benefit of having two distinctive sceneries at one time. Standing on one side of the tower, will give them the foreground view of the water park theme style of the water feature while looking between the two towers will give them the background scene of the forest beyond. This water feature area will serve as the active zone of the podium development. STRUCTURAL WRITE-UP The Bangsar towers comprise two vertically oriented ellipsoidal towers, joined at the sky bridge level (from floor 35 to 40) with a third horizontal ellipsoid. The unique shape of the towers and the Sky bridge present several structural challenges which are addressed through an innovative framing system using a combination of structural steel and reinforced concrete to optimize structural rigidity, build performance and cost efficiency.