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PETALING JAYA// The sculptural form of the building in the PJ Development is driven and inspired by the chiseled and random characteristics of mountainous rocks weathered by nature creating a non uniform typology of architecture. This architectural language is tailor fitted for a dynamic experience and unification of a unique identity which emulates the multi faceted experience of a work, live and plays experiences ranging from everything and anything that you could envisage from your day to day life. The main components of the development are filled with a captivation of activities and senses ranging from to retail therapy, ultra high end luxury service apartments, A grade offices and 5 star hotel and facilities. The project deliverers nothing more than the highest quality of lifestyle, shopping and living experience in a world class scale. The clean forms and crisp lines articulate the streamline architectural language of the various components into an autonomous and highly interactive building form. Rectilinear forms of the façade collide into the internal and external space to wrestle with the outcome of it’s interlocking elements and geometry resulting in interspatial play of spaces projecting and receding into itself which gives the building it’s unique and iconic sculptural quality. The by-product of this would be the formation of micro climatic spaces in the form of landscape gardens which recede and project itself along the façade creating a sense of singular identity to the individual user and at the same time forming a collective, unified and autonomous architectural complexity and language to the overall façade which dances with movements of celebration towards the skyline. The unit’s cascade upwards leaving a roof garden in the level in which it cascades up towards. This allows for the unit abutting the cascade to take advantage of a private/common garden space. The language of the blocks are translated in a way which creates a similarity to the towers as it rises from low to high to maintain the relationship to the overall building’s façade.