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TAMAN SARI// The design intends to recreate an Oasis of tranquility in the cityscape, by employing thoughtful and strategic zoning to avoid the modern ills faced by developed cities, as well as setting a new layout to the actual area. The free wave forms of the buildings refers to a mixture between modern and vanguards architecture creating in this way unique sculpture standing buildings. The Wave shows pure and clean lines to generate organic curve forms, which are elegant and soothing. Zoning for the different buildings have been carefully considered to enable beautiful views and also avoiding overlooking into other units. The overall undulating platform level was set up at 20m above street level to set up a new ground level hiding in this way, the existing old city below, as well as keeping people away from pollution, traffic congestion, and carbon monoxide. The incorporation of nature is one of its most important features. The proposal carries its nature heart openly. It has long skyline gardens and playgrounds as one of its main themes representing the development and its future. Green spaces, ecology of landscaped areas and parks gardens are for the community to use passively. The River is to be revitalized as well, and it will be of upmost importance to the city. It will flow into the site and will bring the most spectacular aquatic wildlife. The new and poetic interpretation of the relationship between ground and water, architecture and landscape architecture, is clearly evident. The design also creates a microcosm of the world made up of water and ground. Taman Sari can be resumed as an unprecedented development that will set up a new way of living. Retail, restaurants, shopping and entertainment uses will act as a magnet, drawing residents in the neighborhood to the site at all hours of the day. The mixed use concept means that people can live, work, shop and find entertainment in one location, a true microcosm of a city “a city within a city”. The project will enhance people lives in many ways and will rice standards of living. High-class and medium-class professional people will be attracted by the enormous spectrum of activities, leisure facilities and ambient created around this charming development. Taman Sari The Wave, has fused the old with the future, the nonchalant area with the ambition of growing into one of the biggest connection Hub in KL. Mass Transit City will connect the area with main points of the city, allowing people to have quick access to different locations. “TAMAN SARI WILL CLEAR THE OLD, TO MAKE WAY TO THE FUTURE…”