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URA PROPOSALS// .URA PARCEL 9. The building has been treated as sculpture standing as it does a bend of the River, with the important approach views this will offer along the proposed pedestrian mall, and at the junction of Kim Seng, Havelock and Outram Roads and Ganges Avenue. Therefore the design does not have a main elevation; instead its vigorous juxtaposed composition will have equally exciting presentation from all angles of view. Furthermore, whereas it can be said that most buildings develop from ground level this is not the case with our design which seems to begin at mid-height and then stretches upwards and downwards. The external fabric of our building will comprise double-glazed curtain waling of grey tinted glass in stainless steel frames with insulated spandrel panels behind.

.URA PARCEL 1. The retail element of the design is restricted to the first storey with customer orientation towards the future and existing tourist and office staff catchment area of Raffles City and the Pedang region, four floors of offices complete the scheme. A simple form was decided on to further free area for lettable use the lobby or atrium area that would normally be positioned internally has become an external element on Beach Road with this elevation terracing down and providing considerable provision for profuse planting. There is a dominating diagonal element to this fa├žade with the segmented areas providing the planting terraces above and the covered pedestrian area below.

.URA PARCEL 8 & 9. The sites are located between Beach Road and Nicoll Highway and are intended as a commercial and residential development with shops, offices apartments and car-parking facilities. The design concept is aimed at integrating the three elements of usage into one entity at the same time allowing the orientation of the building to be uni-directional with the creation of an open plaza between Beach Road and Nicoll Highway. The final design was resolved as a single organic structured tower integrating the three elements of shops, offices, and apartments into a homogeneous sculptural design.