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SENTOSA COVE// Sentosa Cove Climate often inspires architectural decision- the design characteristics of the Mediterranean region have largely evolved from its climate and topography. The basis for our concept is to integrate the basic elements of a tropical resort (Sun, Sea, Sky, and the Scenic Forest Garden) into a sprawling form of rising tiers “growing” out of the ground, in a manner like tiering Mediterranean houses. At the same time, micro articulated solids and voids are created at the ground planes with protrusions and recesses at upper tiers. Coupled with strategic orientation to provide deep shades and deflect direct sunlight, various micro – climatic zones suitable for our weather are created. The building blocks are highly articulated three dimensionally with changing unit profiles, bridges linking the internal spaces, with gardens and decks tiering and terracing in and around the units, allowing for not only the usual horizontal vistas but also vertical experience of spaces. This concept of the Mediterranean has been transformed in a modern sense to achieve an inter spurs within the façade of the block and creates new dimensions in which to experience the Mediterranean living in the context of a tropical paradise. The underlying Design Concept Theme of the Mediterranean Seaside Haven serves to mediate the buildings with the sea and Marina. By creating an organic space which always simultaneously contains the activities of the community and everyday life of the residents side by side, the zones that are semi-public and semi-private are well mediated for living, interaction and leisure. Elements like, semi-subterranean terraces adjoining inner courtyards, portals, loggias, porticos, verandahs, and terraces shading the interiors, while at the same time expanding the outdoor “rooms” to take advantage of the sunny climate. In this manner, the outdoor public living area is integrated with indoor private spaces crating an exciting play of vertical and horizontal interface between the interior spaces with the surroundings. Architecture The sprawling form contains the apartment units. All the rooms, with deep recessed windows, overlook the large sunny courtyards on one side and the cobalt- blue sea on the other. The apartments feature good planning for functionality- generous open floor plan with large space for family and friends; high ceilings and wide outer doors to bring in more cool and fresh air, thus creating a perfect setting for entertainment. On the floors, terracotta tiles, natural stones and unpolished marbles are used. Ceramic and mosaic are used in kitchen and bathrooms to create the Mediterranean feel as well.