city centre ishbiliyah


AREA:             356,000 SQM

The City Centre Isbhiliyah is located in the upmarket Ishbiliyah district of Riyadh. It is a regional mixed-use shopping mall comprising of three retail levels above grade and one lower ground level serving mainly as car parking. Additionally, the development has a two-storey car parking structure located on the north side of the mall.

The development features a large Centre Court atrium with ample skylight insulated glass which ensures low heat transfer while providing a vast amount of natural lighting along the massive stretch of retail shops.  Another highlight is the Food District section which presents 10 distinct restaurant units that protrude over the south exterior side of the mall. The overall design of the development is inspired by the regional context as evidently manifested by the choice of the façade’s color, material, and form. 

In collaboration with CallisonRTKL.

Artist impressions by CallisonRTKL.

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