al jazi gardens


AREA:             280,000 SQM

CATEGORY:   Residential  I  SOHO  I  Retail  I  Shopping Mall

The Al Jazi Gardens was envisioned to be one of the jewels of the new Cairo City. It will showcase a new style of tropical living at its best. Starting from the entrance gateway, guests and owners will be greeted by a spectacular architectural statement of its gateway. Lush greeneries all over the site will be the foreground of the outstanding architectural statement of the residences to its retail and shopping areas.

The development was divided into four (4) plots. Al Jazi Gardens occupied Plot 1 were private residences are located. Al Jazi First Residences occupied Plot 2 were Apartments are located. Al Jazi Avenue occupied Plot 3 were Retail & SOHO are located. Al Jazi Mall occupied the last plot which is Plot 4.

The client envisioned this project to be a development like no other in New Cairo city. They wanted a development were nature is part of the architecture. The client wanted a fusion of modern-look and tropical to be incorporated in the design of the buildings except for the Al Jazi Mall where they wanted a classical looking building.

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