eco oasis


AREA:             800,000 SQM

CATEGORY:   Residential Low-Rise (Bungalow, Cluster, Semi-Detached. Terrace Houses)

Eco Oasis is strategically located to follow the actual terrain topography, using it as a unique opportunity to create spectacular views. Cascades, lagoons, and forests will immerse the users in a serene world where architecture and landscape are read in together as one living entity. The existing topography was used in recognizing the peak and low points as the central areas to diagram the different components of the master plan. The design utilized key peak and low points that determined the locations of major elements and vistas of the whole development such as plazas, landscapes, and water features.

One of the most important investments in this project is the knowledge of utilizing and developing the terrain of existing conditions. This is the foundation for the rest of the design decisions throughout the project. For example, knowing where the existing highs and lows of the site will evaluate current stormwater run-off characteristics and the likes. Eco Oasis follows this basic principle and applying it in a more complex but playful design of the terrain.

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