crystal lagoon


AREA:              331,000 SQM

CATEGORY:    Residential   I  Office  I  Retail  

Crystal Lagoon was envisioned to be a development that can live and breathe on its own. A city within the bustling ever-growing city of Penang, Malaysia. Crystal Lagoon is a mixed-development project that will house several residential and office towers that will all be sitting into a huge retail podium. This podium is not like any other normal podium, this is a living podium, breathing, and full of life and activities.

The podium is characterized by a series of boxes that will form the overall cascading character of the project. These boxes are networks of greens and water features. These networks of green spaces, and ecology of landscaped areas, parks, garden spaces and squares for the community to use passively and actively, a clear idea of an environmentally responsible future. Places to meet and relax in an intimate environment transforming a large-scale development into an intimate scale for the young and old gathering to develop communal bonding.

 It is also a place to hold festivals, street markets, ceremonies, music performances, design centers, children’s museums, and performing arts which will be the central venue for popular assemblies amongst others. From themes familiar to day-to-day life, such as fashion and cinema to historical and famous paintings of Malaysia. All these features will contribute to a network of highly respected international art museums creating a space in which modern art from around the world can be appreciated. A truly unique place to enjoy time in its maximum expression.

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