icon bangsar


AREA:             537,000 SQM

CATEGORY:   Hotel  I  Residential   I  Office  I  Retail  

The Icon Bangsar aspires to be a significant and iconic development, the new gateway for Jalan Bangsar. People will come to recognize this leisure destination for its signature, as the new “in” place of Bangsar. The Icon Bangsar aims to achieve the vitality that will make this the most desirable destination for work, live, and play.

Orientation and building forms were considered for the natural cross ventilation to be very effective thus supplying and removing air through an indoor space by natural means. The Icon Bangsar is breathing, sensitive to contemporary concerns regarding climate change in the topics. These are deep balconies and terraces within the units to counter the heat in tropical Malaysia.

The Icon Bangsar mimics the Spanish Steps concept. A concept created in the 18th century, this daring architectural feat with its ramps and stairs that intersect and open out like a fan definitely provided a solution for connecting the different squares surrounding it, providing the city with a particularly intriguing attraction that is adored by tourists from all over the world. The sight of the square in spring should not be missed, when the ramps of the staircase are literally covered with flowers, and the architecture is playfully lost beneath a magnificent array of colors.

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