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AREA:             10,000 SQM

The Oasis is a development designed for flexibility using a modular planning system. Through the modularity of system and planning, the Oasis is truly a unique master plan.

The design uses garden patio on levels above ground to create an artificial ground garden space which creates a view into a garden where otherwise not possible. Taking in mind that the back drop of the views in this project consist of a beautiful ocean view, additional it has a fore ground view of a garden as well to compliment. As well as the aesthetically value of the garden, there is the practically application as well. The garden patio can be utilized as an extension of the living or dining space allowing the user to experience a green and tropical outdoor space in the comfort of an indoor and climatically controlled space.

The introduction of architecture and landscaping of the hotel brings a new spectrum of colors of smooth beige, clean white, forest greens to the Oasis recreating, redefining and reemphasizing the site as a unique masterpiece in terms of its collective design elements. The use of gardens terracing from level to level, creates architecture of randomness and spontaneity blending it back to the parent framework of the Bintan vernacular.

Whilst maintaining the Bintan style of architecture we have enhanced the Bintan architectural roofscape to become part of the landscape.
The design has consciously played on the Hierarchy of vertical and horizontal elements to create a “seamless transition” from the building with the environment.

The emphasis on Transparency- to capture the flow of the internal with the external spaces, thereby allowing the sense of transparency for a “seamless visual transition” from the units to the gardens, across the marina right up to the retail as the backdrop masterpiece of the Crystal Lagoon.

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