aladdin city


AREA:             150,000 SQM

CATEGORY:   Hotel  I  Residential  I  Office  I  Retail  

The Aladdin City Development comprised of three towers (a hotel, an office, a service apartment) and parking stations within the Warfage Site. The intention is to create this project as a new icon/landmark in Dubai while retaining the existing function of the Wharfage and related heritage shipping activities. The design and iconic form of the buildings and bridges are inspired by folk tales, forms of traditional lamps and lanterns and scale coverings of mystical sea creatures.

The main spatial design challenge was accessibility to the proposed development components. This must avoid the crowded loading and unloading port activities and provide a clean and pleasant approach to the proposed 3 towers. Therefore, a Main Entrance/ reception building and pedestrian bridges with travellators were considered to link the entire development components.

The pedestrian bridge changed the challenge into an opportunity to offer a welcoming walk through the airspace of the port overlooking the unique historic heritage shipping activities, while the towers offered sweeping panoramic urban views across the creek towards the horizon of the old and new Dubai.

It was envisaged that the proposed concept will consolidate the cultural and heritage significance of the site in a unique mixture and blend between modern buildings and heritage quays activities. The development is composed of Tower 1, a 27-storey high Hotel that is connected to a 8-storey high Hotel Entrance Building, Tower 2, a 19-storey high Apartment Hotel, Tower 3, a 18-storey high Office building which is all interconnected with a hanging bridge that leads to a 10-storey high parking building at both ends of the development.

In collaboration with Dubai Municipality Planning Department.

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