AREA:             436,000 SQM

CATEGORY:   Hotel   I   Residential   I   Office   I   Retail  

The i-City is a development designed for flexibility using a modular planning system. Through the modularity of system and radial planning, i-City is a truly unique development.

We have introduced the green modular system that entails green planning strategies with applicable guidelines through possible forms and building typology. We believed this is the key secret to a more efficient city the world requires today. The i-City development will define the term, “the new green” for the upcoming eco-townships in the world. The i-City aims to create a completely sustainable environment, benchmarked against the world’s leading green criteria for development such as the Bream and the Lead. The i-City will represent a green development with bold clarity of thought, built upon green innovation to conceive a quality and equality of life, unique in the world.

The challenge of the design is on how to avoid environmentally unfriendly and unsustainable architecture usually seen in contemporary mixed development with the “floating garden” concept. Park-like character and landscape are introduced into the horizontal and vertical layers of the scheme by placing tiered green terraces, elevated green communal, recreation podiums as well as sky links within the development. It has networks of courtyards, water gardens, and sky gardens as the main theme, representing the development and its future. The i-City embraces a new vision of green, ecological ideas of entertainment and working. It is not just green architecture through ESD (ecologically sustainable design) principles but a truly integrated green factor with aesthetics.

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