crystal garden


AREA:             650,000 SQM

CATEGORY:   Hotel   I   Residential   I   Office  I Retail  

Like many modern cities, Dubai evolved through a quick process lead by innovations and technology. But behind this quick process, there is a traditional architecture that can be seen in Dubai's old town. This traditional architecture was a clear expression of how society interacted with the natural environment and to respond to a complex set of interrelated requirements, social, cultural, spiritual, economic, and physical where people could communicate naturally and understand easily.

The towers are oriented exactly along the east-west axis so that the eastern and western gardens shelter the floors from the harsh desert sun and the climatic effects of the area. The gardens shelter the building from the low angle, highly penetrating morning and evening sun leaving only the South façade exposed to the high angle, low penetrating midday sun. The south-facing façade utilizes extensive sunshades to lower solar gain.

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