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AREA:             20,000 SQM

India's culture illuminates with vibrancy and colours. In the colours and textures of the food Indian people eat to the hustle and bustle in the streets. There is always this sense of energy, movements, vibrancy and delightful mix of colours all coming together to form an eclectic tapestry of cultural diversity. The design of the IGIA Corporate Office building is a translation of the architectural fa9ade aims to reflect this cultural diversity employing creating a play of vibrancy and movements instead of a stereotypical fa9ade with repetitive elements which are more commonly found in conventional architecture.

The non-linear grid design was used for the overall concept for the building façade. The non-linear grid treatment reflects the diversified characteristics on Indian culture. While maintaining a formal and functional character of an office building thru straight lines, we infuse the playfulness and vibrance of the indian culture which is characterize by non-uniform grid of lines.

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international design studio
168 Jalan Bukit Merah #05-03, Surbana One, Singapore 150168


Phone: +65 6377 9550
Fax: +65 6376 2140

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