iconic lake gardens


AREA:             630,000 SQM

CATEGORY:   Residential High-Rise  I  Residential Low-Rise

The Iconic Lake Garden master plan project in Sichuan, China is a maiden venture of our client in China through the proposed “city” project in JinYang Chengdu, paves the way to bringing a new approach to modern living to Chinese people.

Inspired by the client’s approach, the planning of this township not only gave the people of Sichuan Province a modern style living but also a holistic approach of living in the city of lakes and gardens, thus we tagged this project as the iconic green masterplan due to its sustainable design.
One of the strategies that was considered is the development strategies where all towers were orientated to north-south direction to avoid all units facing directly to the morning and afternoon sun at the east-west direction. Approximately 50% of the units N, Ne & NW directions and 50% of the units are facing S, SE & SW directions.

Another strategy that was considered is the development of water bodies and contouring green landscapes. Cluster of water gardens were strategically located in the center of the development that majority of the inward-looking units are directly looking to this vast landscape. Contouring the landscapes is also one strategy that was taken that created undulating ground landscape treatment for security and aesthetic.

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