jamshedpur master plan


AREA:             140,000 SQM

CATEGORY:   Retail F&B  I  Market Place  I  Museum & Tourism Centre  I  Heritage Park

The site was situated in a rich resource land of Jharkhand state where the Kharkai and Subarnarekha rivers meet. As per tradition, Subarnarekha was named “streak of gold”, legend has it that traces of gold were found in the riverbed. The name is a combination of two words meaning gold and line in Indian languages. Kharkai on the other hand was derived from the Sanskrit word Kharakaya meaning “fast-flowing river” which is the major tributaries of the Subarnarekha River.
These rich resources are the main concept used in this project. The entire site will be interconnected with flowing waters that will intertwine with the architectural heritage and lush landscape of the site. This gave an impression of flowing life into the project which is like the two rivers around it.

The Heritage Building was strategically planned to follow the actual terrain topography, using it as a unique opportunity to create spectacular views. Cascades, lagoons, lakes, and forests immersed the users in a serene world where architecture and landscapes are read together as one.

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