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AREA:             30,000 SQM

The Summit Hotel is a development designed for flexibility using a modular planning system design with integration of its environ's natural characteristics to form a synergy.

We have introduced the "green modular" system that entails green planning strategies with applicable guidelines through possible forms and building typologies. We believed that this is the key secret to a more efficient and sustainable development the world requires today. This development will define the term "the new green" for the new eco-hotel in the world. The Summit Hotel aims to create a completely sustainable environment, benchmarked against the world's leading green criteria for development. The Summit Hotel will represent "the new green" with bold clarity of thought, built upon modern innovation to conceive a new hotel dynamism.

The breathtaking Himalayan range is the home of the earth’s summit. The “Summit Hotel” is envisaged to continue its legacy and become a home for a groundbreaking development in Kathmandu! It will share the position of grandeur with the great Himalayan range.
The design language of the proposed development is inspired by the great Himalayan range. Its natural beauty, faceted form, and variable elevations are thoughtfully sculptured into the design process. Marrying functionality with timeless beauty. Enhancing the usability of the land through well-crafted design.  

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