lotus city


AREA:             7,500,000 SQM

CATEGORY:   Residential  I  Hotel  I  Office & Commercial  I  Hospital, School, Cultural Centre

Beyond the symbolism, the lotus pattern has been used to carve a landscape pattern that adds more dimensions to the site. The water body is strategically carved into the development, meandering around and integrating with existing resources and services. In creating the water body, the amount of soil dug will be filled to generate new terrains. This cut and fill strategy will generate new landscape interface with every phase of the developments. The symbolism has been used to make the design more contextual. It opens up to an exciting landscape, to a modern form of waterfront & lush living. It creates a more intimate dialogue between building and nature.
Water bodies in Lotus City are composed mainly by three categories, lakes, lagoons and water features. Most of them will be formed by the natural conditions of the site and will play an important role like the project. Water will define the character of the buildings and villas, gives Lotus project a unique and amazing personality. Also, several water features have been placed on the main entrance to the commercial buildings and gateways, this can be understood as the new and poetic interpretation of the relationship between ground and water, buildings and landscape architecture. The design also creates a microcosm of the world made up of water and ground.
Integrating nature is one of the most important features of the project and they are developed at all levels, from ground up to roof gardens. Greenscapes will be developed not only as green buffers but also as forests, creating exciting experiences for all project users. Residential towers will have a unique view of green forest. The landscape has been understood as integrated component to the overall project. It is not just a garden city, but it follows the concept of a city in a garden.

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