naxal apartment


AREA:             8,000 SQM

Naxal Apartment is emphasized by clean lines; juxtaposing geometrical forms created by series of balconies; neat angles and uncluttered facades. With six-unit block standing at a maximum building height of 13 storeys, inclusive of 2 Duplex units and 2 Penthouse units situated at the last 2 levels. To top that off, the apartment block is crowned by a sky terrace.

The Naxal Apartment which is located at one of the residential precincts of Kathmandu, Nepal is a result of a sensitive interplay of mass and lines. The apartment is a hip, luxurious, modern, and contemporary play of architecture. The residential proposal adopts the Nepali vernacular style but seen with a hint of modernism, using alternating and staggered balconies on each level.

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