If architecture were a body then we, the people, represent the spirit and soul. I have always adopted a functional approach to architecture. Before starting a project, I make it a point to understand my client and their needs, which often leads me on an enriching journey through their culture and history. It is through this functional, problem-solving approach that the rest of the design comes into being.

I have been practicing architecture since 1968, and have since travelled on an incredible journey. It was on this path where I discovered that people expect even more from architecture and the spaces they use. We live in a world of global changes and technological advances that affect all aspects of our lives. This is where our projects take a turn for the better to adapt to these changes. We are constantly in search of a path that leads us to engaging, creative and inspired solutions.

In all 43 years spent in this profession, I have been blessed to work with a team of brilliant minds. As a team, we complement one another as we work to meet our clients’ needs, towards the betterment of our firm. Their diligence and sacrifice has produced the quality work that now represents our studio. I see my team as people who complement one another, working towards the betterment of our firm to ultimately fulfill our collective vision for architecture.